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Hi, my name is Andy. I have a friend called Terry. We live in a tree. Well, when I say 'tree', I mean treehouse. And when I say 'treehouse', I don't mean any old treehouse—I mean a 13-storey treehouse! So what are you waiting for? Come on up! ~ It's got a bowling alley, a see-through swimming pool, a tank full of man-eating sharks, vines you can swing on, a games room, a secret underground laboratory, a lemonade fountain, a vegetable vaporiser and a marshmallow machine that follows you around and automatically shoots marshmallows into your mouth whenever you're hungry. ~ As well as being our home, the treehouse is also where we make books together. I write the words and terry draws the pictures. We also have a neighbour called Jill who lives in a house full of animals on the other side of the forest. ~ Living in a treehouse isn't always easy, but one thing is for sure... It's never dull!


From a grandparent:

I am writing to express my deepest thank you for what your books have done for my grandson. He is 10 years old and has autism. My daughter, who had tried on many occasions to try and get him to listen to a story, introduced one of your books to him. Instead of “tuning out” as he normally did, he started to listen, giggle and get interested. This has continued over the months and it reached the point that he would sit beside her and would be reading ahead of her. He even took to reading on his own as he wanted to know what was going to happen! It has been a wonderful revelation to us all and opened a door to him that seemed irrevocably closed.

From Teachers & Librarians

I work with children who are challenged with reading. They work very hard to decode words and make sense of what they’re reading. Your books are my students absolute FAVOURITE! They are simple and crazy—when they read your books they laugh, read and feel confident in their ability. So I just want to say THANK YOU for helping me help my students to feel successful & happy.
As a former high school teacher and librarian, I truly appreciate your books. They are perfect for reluctant readers because the humorous illustrations make the length of the book more accessible. In particular, I have a heart for boys developing a love for reading at a young age. Your Treehouse books are the right combination of humor and a higher reading level to make them appealing to boys. They were the first longer books that my son would even try, and now he and his sister eagerly trade them back and forth the moment a new book in the series comes out!
I have a class of Year 5 and 6 students, top heavy with boys. Last month I purchased a set of six books each of the 13, 26 and 39 Storey Treehouse series as I have a group of 7 reluctant readers. I have introduced them to your books and in just one week, it has been amazing to see the change in their attitude towards reading. One boy was sitting at the back of the class, giggling to himself. He then couldn’t wait to share with me what he’d been reading about. One girl started The 13-Storey Treehouse before school in the morning. She read for 30 minutes before school and then another 45 minutes during reading, during lunch and any other opportunity she had. She finished the book by the end of the day. Another boy commented, “I didn’t really like reading last term, but now I love it.” I now have other students in my class queuing up to read your books. I can see a change in the children already, and can see that they are starting to see how enjoyable reading can be.
I am a speech therapist who works with students who have difficulties with reading and speaking. Many years ago I contacted you to thank you for writing the book The Cat on the Mat is Flat and asked you if you could now write something using multiple phonograms and you produced very kindly, The Big Fat Cow Goes Kapow, which is a favourite with my students. I have a letter attached that has been written by one of my gorgeous students, who, like all the boys I see, has loved the craziness of the Treehouse series. It is difficult to fully express the gratitude that I feel as an educator, for the wonderful contribution that your literature has made to students of all ages. In my case it is a thrill to finally see them enjoying the wonderful experience of reading independently.
As a former high school teacher and librarian, I truly appreciate your books. They are perfect for reluctant readers because the humorous illustrations make the length of the book more accessible. In particular, I have a heart for boys developing a love for reading at a young age. Your Treehouse books are the right combination of humor and a higher reading level to make them appealing to boys. They were the first longer books that my son would even try, and now he and his sister eagerly trade them back and forth the moment a new book in the series comes out!

From Parents:

I wanted to thank you for the enormously positive impact you and your books have had on our son. As far as school was concerned he was below average and that’s the message he took home with him every day. We tried everything we could to help him see himself as a learner, not the least of which were dozens of trips to the bookshop to find something—anything—to turn him onto reading. He told us that the books he was able to read were the books that the kids at school knew were for “slow kids” and laughed at him for reading. The wonderful staff came to our rescue with your books. “Everyone is reading these,” they said. “All ages, boys and girls, and they’re great.” That day—quite literally (and I hate the overuse of that word!) changed our lives! He read The 13-Storey Treehouse and was hooked. His father and I cried when he finished, came out of his room beaming and said “I’m a reader! I can read! Finally!” From there, he’s been through most of your books, he’s read Enid Blyton and Captain Underpants and EVERYTHING he can get his hands on. You have turned his life around, given him confidence and opened doors for him that until recently were firmly shut.
I’ve never ever written any type of fan mail ever in my life, not even as a teenager—and yet here I am, nearly 40, writing to an author of a children’s book to tell him how great I think his books are! My son is 7, and it is fair to say, getting him to read—has been a struggle! Just recently we were recommended The 13-Storey Treehouse series. It’s fair to say, that we’ve listened to multiple recommendations and tried countless different books before—so this was not anything unusual for us. What was unusual, however, was his reaction to them! Almost instantly he was picking up, reading independently and rattling through pages, quicker than he swipes through games on his iPad. Since this point, he has managed to finish The 13-Storey Treehouse in a matter of 3 weeks and managed to complete The 26-Storey Treehouse in even less time. My wife and I are so thrilled by his reaction to these books and are so pleased, he appears to finally be enjoying his reading. We’ve also noticed him apply his reading much more to the wider world, now reading signs, food packets and anything he comes across. It’s like this new-found enthusiasm has opened a world of possibilities for him. So, thank you.
Since lockdown began in the UK my daughter (7) and her best friend have both been writing a shared story, each taking it in turns to continue the narrative morning or afternoon, then sending over a photo so the other can carry on. Their imagination and enthusiasm have been a joy to see every day. My daughter read The 13-Storey Treehouse just before schools closed and absolutely loved it. After a couple of weeks of lockdown her friend passed our house on her daily exercise and my daughter left your book outside for her to borrow. Her friend couldn’t put it down and became a huge fan too and your book, storylines and even yourselves have now started to appear in and inspire their story. I am contacting you just to let you know what a positive impact your writing has had on these two children. They were already writing but your work has helped keep them engaged in creating this funny, crazy story. It has not only given them something to read and talk about but it has helped keep them both connected in a new way at a time when loved ones and best friends can feel very far away, so thank you.
I just wanted to take a moment and share the complete joy you bring our boy. He is 11 years old and struggles with things every day, he is autistic (but he is doing very well, such resilience from a child). It has been a struggle to get him to read, or even to walk into a book shop, it all seemed to be too much for my little boy. Anyway, he was exposed to the treehouse books you and Andy have created. This has been such a lovely process to watch. He is reading. He is really reading and comprehending the stories. Yesterday, after school pickup he made his dad go to the bookshop (as your latest book had come out). Be clear the total length of time in the book shop was probably 2 minutes. Your latest book purchased and the giggles began. Last night he snuck into my bedroom, snuggled up in my bed and was read. Hiding from the rest of the world just to grab a few moments with his book. This is priceless. Your illustrations in the very beginning, I’m not sure how many years ago, got him to read the words. They have made his world bigger, better and brighter. So Mr Terry Denton, thankyou for doing what you do. Thank Andy for us also.

From kids:

Just a couple of months ago I really hated to read books, even though my mom made me do it every night before going to bed. This year in school it was required to do a book presentation (2!), which meant to read a whole book. I really disliked the prospect of knowing I had to read a whole book and talk about it in front of my class. My best friend had this book called De waanzinnige boomhut (the Dutch edition of Treehouse). It sounded nice enough to read. I really liked it and decided to do both my book presentations about your book, part 1 (13-storey) and 4 (52-storey). Now I love it so much, I read it every day and most of the time I read the books twice. The stories and adventures are so funny to read combined with the drawings, it makes me laugh. Thank you for all the nice books!
I like these books because they are exciting and the story pulls you in so you want to read more. The cliff-hangers are awesome as you don’t know which way the story is going to go – will it go bad for them or will it go ok? The pictures are quite good, detailed and help you picture the story in your head. I wanted to make my own treehouse, with my own rooms that I would like to have.
The Treehouse series was the first book series I ever read. I never really liked reading but when I read your books I started to like to read! So I started to read more of your books and they were great so I thought that reading was fun.
Thank you for making the best book that inspires kids to like reading. I liked this book because it had a lot of action. Even though I’m still a kid, I want to be a writer. Your book made me start liking reading.
If it wasn’t for you I would not be a confident reader. So thanks. Also I am excited for the next story tree house. You are my favourite author.
Thank you for making me love reading. You really changed my life with your book.
I like your stories they are so interesting to read. I used to not like to read but from the first sentence of the 13 Storey Treehouse I knew I would like it. Now I’m on the 65 Storey Treehouse.
You are my favourite author. Ever since I have been reading your books, I have become more confident in my lessons. As part of my homework I have to write a letter to my idol. I have chosen you because until I discovered your stories, I hated reading
I came to see you do a talk. I really liked you and was so interested. I have not really been interested in reading until I came to see you. I now can’t put your books down! I have all of them!
I am a Year 4 student. At the beginning of the year, I didn’t really like to read chapter books. My friend Harry was reading your book The 39-Storey Treehouse and was laughing while he was reading it. Then Harry suggested I might like to read it too. So I did. I am now hooked on your Treehouse books. Thank you so much for your Treehouse books and can you suggest any other books for me to read?
The 78-Storey Treehouse is amazingly funny. It’s full of laughs, action and adventure. A perfect combination!!!

From Reviewers

If you know any young fans of wild, goofy humour, they absolutely must check out The 117-Story Treehouse, the ninth book in the series by the longtime collaborators Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton … The Treehouse books are a perfect balance of minimal text, maximum black-and-white drawings packed with jokes, and unbelievable amounts of nonstop action, gags, and exuberant anarchic storytelling. These books seem ideally designed to make a new reader feel—and be—successful.
–Jon Scieszka (founder of boys’ reading initiative Guys Read and the author of ‘The Stinky Cheeseman and other fairly stupid tales’) writing in the New York Times.
Let’s take a moment to listen to me rave about these books for a while. I flipping love them. They are marvellously silly and wonderfully irreverent (very important in children’s books) and are full of just the right amount of heart. They are also incredibly re-readable (re-lookable?). Terry’s drawings are like tiny MAD magazine comics–I’m still finding new little jokes in The 13 Storey Treehouse!); I always read them between review books as a kind of palette cleanser–though they do rather set the bar high for the next book. I cannot wait for July to see what’s new in the treehouse. I can’t imagine how they could possibly come up with something better than the 91-Storey Treehouse which was actually kind of FOUR books in one AND partly narrated by Jill but I know they will.
–Dani Solomon from Readings Kids
What I like about the books (aside from the absurdity of them) is that they are subliminally designed to inspire creativity in children. From the engaging illustrations – some detailed enough to pour over, some short pithy to illustrate the point – to the simple language, they are highly accessible to children who perhaps are initially phased by moving up into ‘paperback’ big books. The first, the 13 Storey Treehouse, is essentially a lesson in the pitfalls of writing a book – easy to go off tangent and get distracted, bad drawings, as well as a how to guide. It talks about where ideas come from, what inspires them, the looming pressures of deadlines and publishers. If you wanted a fictional yet actually useful How To guide to writing a kids book, for kids, this is it! Overall, this series of books have been great at not only getting my son to read independently, but take inspiration from what he has learned in the book to be creative in his own way. He has built models, written short stories and actively creates fantasy rooms in trees when he is climbing around in them! Let me know how your children have been inspired to be creative from reading!
Escape Into a Tale
The kind of book I would have loved as a kid.
–Tom Fletcher on The 39-Storey Treehouse
Easy-to-read, visually exciting and wonderfully entertaining, the pace is fast and the fun never stops. Simply brilliant and guaranteed to get even the most reluctant readers begging for more!
—Lanchashire Evening Post
Brilliant series and if you haven’t read them yet why not? Start at the beginning and work through them all. Laugh out loud funny and I love reading about all the things they have in their treehouse
—Toppsta reviewer, Toppsta
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