Andy & Terry climb The 91-Storey Treehouse

Check out this fantastic video of Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton at the Sydney Town Hall for Sydney Writer’s Festival and The 91-Storey Treehouse.


The 91-Storey Treehouse Live on Stage
Andy and Terry’s Treehouse has reached an amazing 91 Stories! It’s now more fantastically dangerous than ever, with a deserted desert island, a whirlpool, and a giant spider!
But Andy, Terry and Jill have no idea they’re about to face their biggest challenge ever! Mr Big Nose has sent his grandchildren to the Treehouse, and they don’t want to just sit quietly. Can Andy, Terry & Jill master this extreme babysitting challenge? What does mysterious fortune teller Madam Know-It-All really want? And will the Big Red Button really destroy the world?
The team behind the 13-, 26-, 52- and 78-Storey Treehouses Live on Stage return with a fantastical trip through this wild, weird and wonderful world for children 6-12 and their adults. Just beware of the Fortune Teller…
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“The show is sure to engage children with its rambunctious mix of song, physical comedy, funky choreography, puppetry of several kinds. And it has a brightly coloured set with a few creative visual surprises in store. The cast dives energetically into the world of the books. Young revels in the role of villain in an amusing cameo as a disgruntled genie. Howie’s gangly physical comedy is a highlight, opposite Welsh playing the straight man in a goofy comedy duo, while Rolle as Jill anchors the antics with a vivacious and likeable performance ….This is skilled children’s theatre from artists who understand their young audience and keep them entertained with aplomb.” – Cameron Woodhead, The Age

“It’s a polished, inventive, silly and stupendous production about imagination and solving problems at the last possible second. All four of the characters, especially the intrepid Andy and Terry, are played with fantastic energy and fine physical comedic timing, directed by Liesel Badorrek. The children in the audience enjoyed the repetitive banter between the best friends and were hooked. When asked if Andy and Terry should push the giant red button to see what would happen next, just about every young person in the audience shot up a hand with shining, excited eyes. What happens next, due to a fantastical multi-level set and design team created by Mark Thompson, is a mystery worth waiting for and one that delights the audience. With drawers that shoot open at the right time and ramps and brightly coloured curtains and hideaways, the set captures the anything-can-happen feeling that kids know so well. Lighting Designer Nicholas Higgins deserves a special mention as he transformed the stage into a psychedelic Banana-inspired Narnia land and a massive spider web. The show features some musical and dance numbers that work well. My favourite was the one that asks kids, ‘What would you put in your treehouse?’, leaving them to dream up their own dangerous and delightful scenarios. From the forgetful memories of Andy and Terry who are suffering from having their brains drained to the wasteful wishes of Terry who blows his genie opportunity, this instalment of the Treehouse series is a winner. I would suggest it is best suited for kids aged 6-10 but older kids who have read the books will enjoy the adaptation as well.” – Rebecca Waese, Theatre Press