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If you’re looking for the answers to questions like Where do you get your ideas from?, How many books have you written? and Are you and Terry friends in real life? and/or any of that crazy stuff you need for those pesky school projects (e.g. date I was born, date I died and the dates of everything in between) you will find it all here:

Frequently Asked Questions
About Me

Writing Tips: Once Upon A Slime

If that’s all still not enough and/or you’re after more detailed practical writing tips, hints, exercises and even lesson plans for your next creative writing class I strongly suggest you get hold of a copy of Once Upon a Slime: 45 fun ways to get writing … fast! It contains examples of my writing from when I was very young, as well as hundreds of my favourite stories, cartoons and jokes from all my previous books along with 45 chapters that summarise pretty much EVERYTHING I know about writing and how to get better at it. You can find out more about the book here.

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You can keep in touch with everything that’s going on with me and my books on the web:

Talks and Events

Check my events page here to see if I’m talking at a festival, bookshop or public library near you any time soon. (Unfortunately, I’m unable to visit individual schools because the process of writing the books takes so much time.)

If you want to write me a personal letter

My address is:

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Please don’t forget to include your address and allow at least a few months for a reply as the Treehouse keeps us very busy! (Note: I’m afraid I can’t answer long lists of questions. You may find the answers to many of your questions here in my FAQs section.)