Andy & Terry's World of Stupidity

Andy & Terry’s World of Stupidity is a series of seriously silly, fully-illustrated 100% fact-free guide books that aim to present as much unscientific data and misinformation as it’s possible to cram into a series of seriously silly, fully-illustrated 100% fact-free guide books.

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Praise for Andy & Terry's World of Stupidity

What Bumosaur is That?:
"Luckily, the book does not come with scratch-and-smell. The weak-stomached should stay well away, but for those who like their reading hot, steamy and just plain disgusting, this book is perfect." (The Canberra Times)

"Terry Denton's comic illustrations are, as always, the perfect accompaniment to Andy Griffiths' bizarre, hilarious and downright silly text." (Australian Bookseller & Publisher)

What Body Part is That?:
"Is it wrong to keep a new book hidden from your grade-three Andy Griffiths' fanatic until you've enjoyed it all yourself? Maybe, but this totally silly guide to human bits and pieces from eyes ('two soft balls of jelly that help you to see stuff') to bums ('it is generally agreed that bums have the worst job on the human body') is hard to put down." (Sun Herald)

"I'm not even exaggerating when I say on the very first page I burst out laughing. And didn't stop laughing the entire way through... a fab book which is hilarious and semi-educational at the same time... just gold!!!" (Literary Life)