The JUST! series

A wildly popular series of funny, fast-paced short stories told by young Andy, who considers himself the world’s greatest, craziest, most annoying, and most stupid practical joker. The series contains many different styles of story, including stories told in the form of lists, choose-your-own adventures, comic strips, playscripts and letters. And all are accompanied by talking page numbers, cartoons and flick pictures in the margins by Terry Denton.

Just Tricking! Just Annoying! Just Stupid! Just Crazy!
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Praise for The Just! Series

"Over-the-top tales from a born storyteller." (Magpies)

"Highly original, hilarious and hysterically stupid tales." (The Independent Reader)

"The stories are far-fetched and imaginative – every young trickster will love them." (Australian Bookseller & Publisher)

"Griffiths' genuinely funny 'Just' series stars little Andy as the craziest kid in the country, always trying out the silliest stunts and getting into the worst scrapes. The stories are wildly absurd but ruthlessly logical in their progression from problem to disaster." (The Age)

"Original, funny and lots of fun." (Brisbane Sunday Mail)

"Exaggerated, over-the-top, lunatic humour. These are fast-paced, lighthearted, lots-of-fun stories, designed to demonstrate to young readers that books and stories are involving, funny and thoroughly enjoyable." (Viewpoint)