A set of four novels chronicling the amazing goings on at Northwest Southeast Central School. Imagine a novel-length treatment of one of the short stories from the JUST! series and you’re getting warm. Imagine one of the BUM trilogy novels without the bums... and you’re getting even warmer. Imagine a funny, charming and exciting novel set in a most unusual school... well you don’t have to imagine it because SCHOOLING AROUND is already here! Sure to appeal to both confident and emerging readers of all ages, they are also ideal for both parents and classroom teachers to read aloud.

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Praise for The Schooling Around Series

Treasure Fever!:
A rip roaring school story… you're setting sail for child heaven. A goldmine of fun." (Daily Mail - UK)

"The obvious, daft humour of Treasure Fever! is just the thing for young readers." (The Scotsman)

" Curses, double-crossing and an unexpected scandal make Treasure Fever! a total winner." (The Sunday Age)

Pencil of Doom:
"It's a perfectly PG-certificate adventure, and everything is spot on, from the immediacy of the characterisation, to the plot, to the style it's all presented in. It reads with expert ease… The chaptering is pacy, the plot pacier and it amounts to a great title." (

"Pencil of Doom! is a rare commodity in children’s books. It is not only a clever and well-plotted book with personality; it has all the crazy silliness, exciting tension and thrilling adventure that will appeal to a wide range of kids." (Courier Mail)

Mascot Madness:
"As is typical of Griffiths' novels, this story will appeal to the reader's 'silly side', and is to be recommended to anyone who 'thinks' they don't like reading. The storyline is extremely easy to follow and the characters are humorous and uncomplicated, with varying degrees of craziness. This will be a winner." (Australian Bookseller & Publisher)

Robot Riot:
"Robot Riot is the best book yet. Five stars and 900% of a good book. And it only goes to 100! Too fantastic." (Readings Monthly)