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As well as being our home, the treehouse is also where we make books together. I write the words and Terry draws the pictures.    ~    Sure, Terry can be a bit annoying at times. . . but mostly we get on pretty well.    ~    We have added… a boxing elephant called The Trunkinator    ~    Life in the treehouse isn’t always easy, of course, but one thing is for sure … it’s never dull!    ~    The rat chased the cat with the baseball bat. until... KERSPLAT!    ~    It’s raining big fat cows today. How many cows? It’s hard to say.    ~    Bad Jack Horner Sat in a corner Pulling the wings off a fly.    ~    He swore at his mum, Kicked his dad in the bum And said, ‘Oh, what a bad boy am I!’    ~    Bad diddle diddle The cat did a piddle The cow did a poo on the moon.


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